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Nebraska Foosball News
2016 Foosmania - February 19-21 Click Here for more info
2016 State Games of America - Click Here for Info
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Learn About Joining a Foosball League
      Information is available at VVS Foosball Website

12th Street Pub
(12th and O) - Every Wednesday - check in 7:15p event starts 7:30p

Omaha -
Tuesdays - Tailgaters Sports Bar - 2603 N 120th St Omaha, Nebraska

Check out Nebraska Tournament results at the Tournament Results Page.

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Welcome Nebraska Foosers!
Welcome to Nebraska! This Website is dedicated to promoting Foosball in Lincoln and surrounding areas for players of all ages and abilities. Inside you'll find information for getting started in Foosball, where to play, upcoming tournaments and events, and where to find a league that matches your ability. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, there are other Fooser's out there to be found and we want to bring you together.

This is your Website - use it often and tell your friends about it! If you have suggestions about please feel free to send an email. We understand that most of the information contained in this website revolves around LINCOLN foosball. If you would like your events listed on this site please feel free to contact us to make this happen.

Nebraska Foosball Promoters - If you would like information on using this site to promote events in your area contact us using the email address at the bottom of the page or simply post a message on the Bulletin Board.

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